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Employer’s Guide:

Essentials for Avoiding Wage Theft

New Annualised Salary Provisions for 19 Modern Awards (Effective 1 March 2020)

In recent months, wage theft among Australian employers has come to light as a rampant and widespread practice, many of which were due to underpayment under annualised salary agreements. As of 1 March, 2020 the Fair Work Commission has changed the annualised salary provisions for 20 modern awards, including, but not limited to:

  • Maintaining a record of the start and finish times of employee work and unpaid breaks that is signed or acknowledged as accurate by the employee
  • Ensuring the annualised salary received is at least equivalent to the amount the employee would have been paid if they had not entered an annualised salary agreement
  • Performing audits of annualised salary agreements annually or at termination of employment and pay any shortfall to the employee within 14 days

Failing to implement changes that adhere to these new annualised salary arrangements will result in risk of noncompliance and wage theft penalties. Download the “Employer’s Guide: Essentials for Avoiding Wage Theft” eBook to learn how the right workforce management solution can help you navigate these new provisions and avoid non-compliance.