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Three Insights to Help Solve Payroll Compliance for a Rostered Workforce

On top of an already complex operating environment with intricate workplace laws and pay rules, organisations with rostered or hourly workforces have experienced many challenges over the past year with downturns, lockdowns and the uncertainty of a global pandemic. Expanding this complicated compliance landscape even further, the Fair Work Commission has also introduced several new rules around minimum wage and annualised salary.

This factsheet captures the key insights from our virtual session with a panel of industry experts who provided valuable best practices for addressing the complexities surrounding payroll compliance.

What do payroll professionals see as the key challenge to maintaining payroll compliance?
Download the factsheet to discover the most pressing compliance concerns for HR and payroll professionals and learn how a workforce management solution can help solve these challenges by: 

  • Removing manual processes for calculating pay rules
  • Eliminating human error to avoid underpaying employees 
  • Automating administrative tasks to save time and money

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