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Agile Leaders Know How to Listen to Their Workforce

Matt Gale | Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Oracle

A modern workforce leader exemplifies agility, creativity and the ability to execute their vision to help organisations to grow, scale and adapt. Matt Gale, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Oracle shared his perspective on where companies need to shift their business priorities regarding people, processes and technology.

Matt discusses common workforce management pain points around employee engagement and workplace satisfaction, describing how those factors are critical to a business’s success or struggles.

“My advice to others for transforming their workforce is to keep an open mind. Set your assumptions aside. You need to listen to what the workforce is telling you and then adapt accordingly.”

Matt Gale | Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Oracle

Business challenges often stem from outdated legacy systems, technology and processes that cannot deliver accurate workforce data. To address these barriers, Matt explains that workforce leaders need to take steps to modernise their data collection to better understand how the organisation is engaging their people.

Overall, Matt is confident that if modern workforce leaders realign their future investments, with a strong foundation of accurate and trusted data that can be seen in real-time, the future is bright! When support by a robust HCM stack, this groundwork establishes the core capabilities of a strong modern workforce management platform that can adapt to business needs, align with company vision for growth and set a path for realising full ROI.

WorkForce Software is Oracle’s global workforce management partner. Our collaborative efforts have helped many large organisations, especially those with a strong union presence or shift-based workforces, to address their unique workforce requirements. Together, we have equipped modern workforce leaders with solutions that unlock the value of an engaged and productive workforce.

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