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How Redefining Security Better Supports Employees to Improve Performance

Rachel Storer | Business Support and Improvement Manager, Red Badge

Red Badge Group continues to thrive in their mission to redefine security and connect people through events throughout New Zealand. Rachel Storer, Business Support and Improvement Manager at Red Badge, discusses how the company transformed their workforce management to successfully expand their business. As the business grew, so did the scale of events, number of sites and support staff required. In order to navigate confidently through this accelerated phase of growth, Red Badge Group needed absolute trust in their systems and processes. However, they relied on a complex and manual rostering solution at the time, which proved to be a barrier.  

Recognising innovation as a key to success exemplified by Modern Workforce Leaders today, Red Badge Group’s partnership with WorkForce Software was a leap towards transforming their employee experience. With better visibility into their workforce, improved communication and engagement with employees. Rachel offers insights on how this new trust in their current systems and processes has built a strong level of trust in their workforce and quality of service for clients across New Zealand.

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