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Leslie Tarnacki, SVP of HR at WorkForce Software, talks with Forbes about the concept of “quiet firing” and how managers can leverage many other more positive alternatives, including technology, to bring out the best in their employees and create a healthy, positive culture. 

“These include conducting regular check-ins to gauge the team’s happiness levels, including how they are feeling within their role and the tasks they are doing and what would improve their work experience,” Tarnacki says. “Another piece of advice is to provide tools and technology that will help make an employee’s role easier or allow them to do their tasks more effectively.” 

Positive experiences with workplace technology can directly impact workforce morale and engagement. It also supports quick interventions for managers to prevent negative outcomes, monitor for any signs of burnout or detect low levels of productivity among individual employees.  

“Employers should be building their employees up and finding ways to create a better employee experience, not bringing them down because they are able to,” she concludes. “If organizations are not implementing proper communication methods and channels, they run the risk of burning out their current employees, creating an unhappy environment, increasing quit rates, and losing out on top-tier talent.”