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Businesses should not overlook their deskless workforce population, which makes up a whopping 80% of the global workforce and plays an essential role in many industries. To attract and retain employees, businesses are required to support the whole employee and deliver a new employee value proposition.  

In Business spoke with WorkForce Software’s Leslie Tarnacki, SVP of Human Resources, about the importance of businesses focusing on the whole employee – and their quality of life – to help improve retention and satisfaction in the workplace.  

Tarnacki gives valuable insights into what today’s workforce is looking for to achieve work-life balance and enjoy their jobs – providing scheduling flexibility is key.  

“Encourage employees to step away, take time to take care of themselves properly, and return to complete their work at a time that works for them,” she says. “That reduces a lot of their stress, and they come back to work refreshed and more productive.”