Your retail

How to solve 7 workforce management problems retail managers face every day…

Because your store managers’ problems are your problems, too.

Your managers are on the front line of your organisation’s success:

  • They’re creating schedules that are lean yet effective, fair yet efficient.
  • They’re hiring, training, and supervising staff.
  • They’re managing budgets.
  • They’re selling.

This eBook offers solutions to the most common workforce management problems retailers face. Problems that slow managers down, chipping away at their passion, productivity, and profitability, including HOW TO:

  • Stop time theft
  • Fill empty shifts
  • Work through traffic surges
  • Enforce attendance policies
  • Create consistently lean schedules
  • Provide hourly staff with work-life balance

Discover modern, digital solutions to these and other common, costly retail workforce management issues. Because as these problems persist, they compound, taking a toll on managers and employees—not to mention customers.

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