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A WorkForce Software Webinar Series

Managing Your Rostering and Payroll Needs for a Mobile Workforce: A Customer Success Story

The demands of our 24/7 economy have fueled the growth of shift workers across the globe. Now more than ever, businesses need to adopt the right processes and tools to effectively manage this growing workforce in order to avoid negatively impacting operational efficiencies, increasing the risk of non-compliance, or providing a poor employee experience.

As a leader in supplying New Zealanders with security and event staff since 1997, Red Badge was faced with similar challenges and sought to adopt a best-practice workforce management solution to accommodate its largely mobile workforce and unique business requirements. In this webinar, Ben Wooding of Red Badge Group provides insights on the rostering, attendance, and pay rule calculation challenges his business faced, why WorkForce Software was chosen to solve these challenges, and how WorkForce Software has helped reduce costs and improve employee engagement. Wooding also shares how Red Badge is navigating the COVID-19 pandemic with features that enable remote workforce management.

Cathy Oates, Solution Consultant at WorkForce Software provides a demonstration of WFS’s unique features and explains why our modernised UX sets a new benchmark for the ultimate employee experience.

Learning Objectives:

  • Best-practice approach for rostering and time sheet management for a mobile workforce
  • How technology can automate workforce management and reduce non-compliance risks
  • The importance of UX when looking to improve employee engagement
  • How WFS’s software has helped Red Badge pivot during these challenging times
Featured Speakers:

Red Badge Group

Ben Wooding

Ben Wooding

Director and General Manager | Red Badge Group

Ben Wooding has 11 years of experience in the security industry, working for two of the largest event staffing and security providers in New Zealand. With a background in international rowing at the elite level, Ben is passionate about developing high-performing teams and organisations. Over the past three years, Ben has led the operational and business functions of Red Badge—positioning the organisation to sustain the significant growth it has seen—while also managing the procurement and implementation of WFS software.
Cathy Oates

Cathy Oates

Solution Consultant | WorkForce Software

Cathy has worked for WorkForce Software for over 8 years and is currently the Solution Consultant for our WorkForce Suite and EmpLive solutions. Her extensive experience in workforce management roles prior to joining WorkForce Software has given her an advantage to understand the unique challenges business face when looking to solve their time and attendance challenges.

Evelina King

Evelina King

Account Relationship Manager | WorkForce Software

Previously the Training & Education Manager in which she oversaw all product offerings, Evelina has been with WorkForce Software for 8 years. Currently, Evelina brings her passion for customer success to her role as an Account Relationship Manager. Evelina’s previous roles within software organisations have successfully allowed her to become a skillful interpreter between customer requirements and software solutions.