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Adaptation & Evolution

Reapproaching Workforce Management in 2021 & Beyond

Learn How to Adapt and Evolve Through Change in 2021

The year 2020 brought sweeping changes that introduced many challenges, setbacks, and concerns for business strategies—erasing the ability to rely on historical precedent to guide future-based workforce decisions. 

Because 2021 promises to be another year of uncertainty, what can you do ensure that your organisation is ready to adapt and evolve through change? 

Step Into the Future with Confidence

Companies that practice sustained agility will outpace competitors and achieve both dynamic and long-term business goals. In his HR Tech Talk presentation from the 2021 HR Technology Conference, WorkForce Software’s Chief Product Officer discusses how organisations can step into the future of workforce management with:

  • In-the-moment forecasting
  • Predictive rostering
  • Adaptive compliance management
  • And more 

Now Is the Time to Invest in Your Workforce

As we continue through 2021, there is much hope for emerging from the unknown. To do this, however, properly investing in the needs and growth of your workforce is essential. An innovative workforce management solution is key toward your organisation’s ability to make smarter decisions about: 

  • Workforce optimisation 
  • Employee engagement 
  • Personalisation of the employee experience 
  • Strategic work journey management 

Watch the full on-demand webinar for a deep dive into the topics listed above and learn what you can do to make sure that your organisation is ready to adapt and evolve through change in 2021.

Featured Speaker:
Joe Ross

Joe Ross

Chief Product Officer | WorkForce Software

Joe Ross is a proven product management executive who has lead product teams in the delivery of innovative and commercially successful technology products and services for the past 25 years, including 10 years at McKesson Corporation. In the most recent stop of his career journey, Joe is fostering a culture of innovation at WorkForce Software while developing their Product Management Team and practices to support a fast-growing and global enterprise SaaS business. Joe lives in Michigan with his wife, Jeanette, and three daughters, Addison, Lily, and Grace.