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Updates on Relevant Australian Employment and Workplace Legislative Changes and Major Case Law Developments

Learn How to Improve the Employee Experience Through Workplace Compliance

HR compliance plays a significant part in ensuring that a company is fair in its HR practices. In an increasingly complex and regulated workplace, a lack of HR compliance exposes the business to risks of fines, hefty back-payment bills, adverse publicity, litigation in court, reduced staff performance and employee turnover. Under section 550 of the Fair Work Act, key advisers such as HR managers and payroll professionals risk personal prosecution for accessorial liability if their employer breaches Australian workplace laws.
Therefore, it’s critical to stay up-to-date with the changing compliance standards in the workplace. In the latest Compliance Navigator webinar, FCB Workplace Law, Australia’s leading workplace relations law firm, takes you through the newest employment and workplace legislative changes and developments to enable you and your organisation to maximise your compliance, prepare for incoming changes and strengthen your business from the inside out.
Updates include:

  • Mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Casual employment conversions
  • Award wage increases
  • Fair Work Ombudsman 2021–-2022 strategic priorities

Watch now for an in-depth discussion on new and changing employment legislation so you can deliver a positive employee experience whilst protecting your organisation’s brand and workplace reputation.

Featured Speakers:
Ceri Hohner

Ceri Hohner

Senior Associate | FCB Workplace Law

Ceri Hohner has over six years of experience in workplace relations and works with clients from various industries and varying business structures, most recently with managing the impacts of COVID-19 and the JobKeeper initiatives. Some of Ceri’s recent achievements include overseeing the termination of a national enterprise agreement, facilitating the resolution of a substantial post-employment restraint dispute, and running simultaneous legal proceedings in various state and federal jurisdictions.
Evelina King

Evelina King

Senior Account Relationship Manager | WorkForce Software

Evelina King has held previous roles in training and education, most recently as the WorkForce Software Training & Education Manager, where she oversaw training delivery and development across all product offerings. Nine years into her current role as Senior Account Relationship Manager for WorkForce Software, she brings her passion for customer success to every interaction with clients. Evelina’s previous roles in software organisations have helped her become a skillful interpreter between customer requirements and software solutions.
The information presented in this webinar is general and is related to the field of employment and workplace laws in Australia. It does not constitute HR or legal advice. Always seek professional legal advice on matters specific to your unique HR compliance needs.