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Waging a War Against Wage Theft

Daniel Watson from Payroll Leadership Network discusses how wage theft usually occurs and actionable insights for businesses to reduce their exposure to such non-compliant scenarios.

In recent years, the term “wage theft” has made headlines as an all-encompassing term relating to any non-compliance with the Fair Work Act (FWA), resulting in an employee not being paid the correct amount to which they are entitled to. 

While it seems like this is a new issue, it is something that has existed for some time. Employers have been identifying mistakes—be it related to people, process or technology—and either correcting them internally or, where more significant, self-reporting to the relevant governing body and entering into a mutual arrangement for the corrections to take place. However, the increase in media coverage in recent times has led to employers being (perhaps in some cases unfairly) tarnished with the same brush. 

In this presentation recorded at our VISION Roadshow Virtual Customer Event, Daniel Watson from the Payroll Leaders Network outlines: 

The scenarios that often lead to businesses being exposed to underpaying their employees 
The steps business should take when they have identified an underpayment issue  
The actionable steps businesses can take to minimize risk 

Duration: 23 minutes 

Featured Speaker:

Payroll Leaders Network

Daniel Watson

Daniel Watson

Founding Member | The Payroll Leaders Network

Following in his mother’s footsteps, Daniel first started his payroll career in 1996 after joining a large retailer as a junior payroll officer, and he’s never looked back. During his career, Daniel has led a number of complex payroll functions, provided consultancy and advisory services and has worked for vendors and in outsourcing. Daniel is truly passionate about payroll and aims to help businesses recognise the importance of this critical function. 
In addition to his responsibilities as the founding member of the Payroll Leadership Network, Daniel is the Payroll Transformation Lead at Channel Nine.   

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