WFS Australia is Making Work Easy

About Us

WFS: A WorkForce Software Company (WFS Australia) is dedicated to advancing the way employers roster, manage employee work hours, minimise labour costs, and—ultimately—run their businesses.

Founded in 2006 as RosterLive, we became part of the WorkForce Software family in 2013, and now serve as the Australian and New Zealand branch of the leading global workforce management company. This heritage gives clients a powerful combination: local knowledge that you can tap into for any number of regulatory or business process questions, along with the backing of a global provider and strong, long-term partner.

WFS Australia’s success story is one grounded in expertise. We focus exclusively on workforce management, and have from the start. What that means is that your business has a partner that can walk through even the finest details of employee awards, attendance rules, and other intricate policy designs. You will get a solution that precisely matches your methods of doing business, making it easier for staff to immediately grasp the value of the new tools—measurably improving productivity. This expertise is a cornerstone of our success, and a key reason to give us a call before you start a new rostering or workforce management initiative.

Another reason to choose WFS Australia: we’re local. Founded by Australians, and with offices in Sydney and Melbourne, we are deeply familiar with the intricacies of Australian and New Zealand labour laws, and we’re ready to help you navigate through these rough waters.

We have experience in all industries and support employers from a few hundred workers to thousands of global sites. So wherever your business stands today, we can help you take the next step forward. If your strategic goals include smarter rostering, tighter labour cost management, and richer workforce data for long-term planning, WFS Australia is ready to assist.