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The WorkForce Suite for Operations

Elevate the Customer Experience and Increase Operational Efficiencies

No matter your industry, you have customers, and their happiness is a critical driver in your organisation’s success. The WorkForce Suite will keep your workforce performing at its best to keep your customers coming back for more.

Maximise Your WorkForce Management ROI

Learn how much your organisation can expect to save with the WorkForce Suite.

See the WorkForce Suite in Action

Request a demo and see for yourself how the WorkForce Suite makes work easy.

Ask the Tough Questions

Find out what questions you should be asking your potential workforce management provider.
WorkForce Software Scheduling screenshot for Financial Services

Maximise Your WorkForce

Knowing when and where work needs to happen is critical to your business. Accurately predict your labour needs to meet your business demands to avoid over- and under-staffing across all areas of your business.

  • Forecast labour demand down to 15-minute intervals based on your historical business driver data including sales orders, foot traffic, promotions, and much more
  • Optimise rosters to meet key performance indicators such as productivity, basket sizes, conversion rates, and task execution
  • Analyse the effectiveness of rosters to identify emerging trends and support ongoing refinement of rostering practices

Clear the Administrative Noise

Minimise distractions from non-urgent tasks that can wait so you can focus on what matters most: mentoring employees and delivering on commitments.

  • AI-enabled assistants prioritise actionable tasks and insights based on an urgency model in a single view
  • Pro-active notifications for urgent tasks such as no shows, employees approaching overtime, and other time-sensitive items in a single actionable view
  • Automatic approvals for requests that meet pre-defined standards

Control Labour Costs and Stay On Track with Budgets

Eliminate missed opportunities and drive greater efficiencies across the organisation.

  • Trigger proactive notifications as employees approach overtime thresholds so you can reallocate resources
  • Eliminate payroll leakage with accurate time capture and automated gross hour and pay calculations
  • Capture detailed labour data including projects, departments, cost centres, and much more to monitor budgets and enable strategic decision making

Your Employees Won’t Be Left in the Dark

Improved communications and streamlined processes that enforce your policies will set the right expectations and provide employees with the information they need when they need it.

  • Empower employees to better integrate their work and personal obligations with fair and predictive rosters while still meeting the demands of the business
  • Give employees a say in their rosters with self-service features to update availability, swap shifts, request time off, and pick up extra shifts
  • Reduce payroll errors and inquiries with real-time visibility into gross pay and hours before payroll processing