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The WorkForce Suite for Finance

Maximise Financial Performance Today and Into the Future

Improve profitability and reduce costs without compromising business performance with the WorkForce Suite.

Maximise Financial Performance

Keep your finance teams at the top of their game with digital solutions that save labour costs and reduce errors.

See the WorkForce Suite in Action

Request a demo and see for yourself how the WorkForce Suite makes work easy.

Ask the Tough Questions

Find out what questions you should be asking your potential workforce management provider.

“After implementing the WorkForce Suite, we can now capture the time employees have worked and pay them accurately. By automating our rostering processes and applying compliant pay rules, we saw a 5% saving in labour costs in the first 12 months.”

— Rob Dryden, CEO of IWS

Oregon State University
WorkForce Software Scheduling screenshot for Financial Services

Maximise Your Workforce

Everyone knows that overstaffing is a wasteful spend of your labour dollars, but under-staffing can be just as costly due to the inability to deliver on commitments and poor customer experience. The WorkForce Suite can help you avoid both situations by accurately predicting your labour needs to meet your business demands.

  • Forecast labour demand down to 15-minute intervals based on your historical business driver data including sales orders, foot traffic, promotions, and much more
  • Optimise rosters to meet key performance indicators such as productivity, basket sizes, conversion rates, and task execution
  • Analyse the effectiveness of rosters to identify emerging trends and support ongoing refinement of rostering practices

Preserve Brand Equity

There is such a thing as bad publicity especially when it comes to protecting the rights of employees. Avoid costly litigation, fines, and penalties and treat and pay employees fairly with the WorkForce Suite.

  • Pre-built and automated best practices for compliance with legislative and common contractual time off and pay rules
  • Complete leave of absence management for streamlined compliance with leave laws as well as more generous policies found in enterprise agreements and internal policies—whether concurrent and/or intermittent eligibility
  • Prove compliance with detailed documentation and complete audit trail for each transaction
  • Compare salary wages with potential hourly award-based wages to ensure fair wages for salary employees
Manager Timesheet with Results

Reduce Payroll Errors and Improve Processing Efficiencies

Eliminate error-prone manual processes and workarounds with the WorkForce Suite.

  • Capture accurate time data with diverse time capture options that confirm an employee’s identity and location
  • Automatically calculate all hours worked and every pay rule for accurate and consistent payment every time
  • Streamline approval processes and provide proactive notifications to address urgent concerns such as no shows, unplanned overtime, and more

Future-Ready For Tomorrow’s Opportunities

The WorkForce Suite was built with scale and growth in mind—global or local, organic or acquisition, staying the course or diversifying.

  • Get new business units up and running in no time with effective dated rules that can be refined over time
  • Comply with new legislation and regulations without waiting for product upgrades
  • Plan for future labour needs with roster planning views that identify potential gaps in your workforce talent