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EmpLive for Small and Medium Businesses

Optimise Workforce Utilisation and Maximise Payroll Efficiencies

EmpLive is a complete, cloud-based workforce management software suite designed to simplify and automate an organisation’s rostering, time and attendance, and award interpretation processes. The suite’s flexible rules engine, intuitive user design, and detailed reports make it easy for customers to manage diverse and multi-site workforces in real time.

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Powerful Rostering Capabilities

Create rosters that meet your precise requirements—including budgets, role coverage and projects—with a mere click of a mouse. EmpLive helps your organisation by:

  • Automatically matching the right staff to your roster based on the full range of criteria, such as their skills, availability and pay
  • Accurately projecting the cost of rosters before they take effect, for maximum control over labour costs and utilisation
  • Publish rosters to employees via SMS, push notifications, or Employee Self-Service
  • Providing greater visibility and flexibility in how rosters are viewed and filtered

Increase Accuracy and Improve Efficiencies with Time and Attendance

EmpLive’s flexible rules engine can automate the interpretation of even your most complex rules, resulting in a clearer and more complete view of labour data—such as how and when your employees are working, and at what cost.

  • Gain greater visibility into staff attendance trends, work activities, and deviations from work hours
  • Proactive alerts bring critical data right to a manager’s attention
  • Colour-coding on the timesheet makes exceptions easy to spot
  • Accurate and flexible award interpretation ensures employees are paid accurately

Simplify Absence and Leave Management

Streamline absence and leave requests while providing managers and administrators valuable insights into the impact a request has on staffing levels. For example:

  • Online and mobile request and approval processes streamline the process and ease communication between employees and managers.
  • Managers can easily visualise coverage and anticipate gaps before approving a request with an annual leave calendar
  • Set black-out dates to prevent employees from request leave during critical periods of the business
EmpLive Employee Self-Service

Empower Employees with Self-Service

Employees can take a more active role in the rostering process with employee self-service features available online and via native apps that grant your employees direct access to take action on relevant personal information including:

  • View their roster, accept, decline, and swap shifts
  • Apply for leave and update availability
  • Complete and submit online timesheets
  • Receive messages from management and warnings of certification or training expiry dates

Capable and Convenient Data Collection

EmpLive improves the daily work experience for all staff by providing simple and convenient time entry options. EmpLive can populate timesheet data using a variety of options, allowing you to choose the combination of employee time tracking tools that best suits each environment and worker group including:

  • Wall-mounted clocks with identifications options for fingerprint scanners, pin entry, or smartcard readers
  • Mobile applications with optional location tracking during clocking transactions
  • Web-based time clocks
  • Online timesheets
EmpLive Clock Now

HR and Payroll Integration

You don’t have to sacrifice functionality for the convenience of an all-in-one Human Capital Management (HCM) solution. With EmpLive, you can easily share data across business-critical systems, including import employee demographic data to for use in execution of rostering rules and award interpretation and export gross pay calculations to payroll. Standard integration is pre-built with leading HR and payroll solutions including ADP, HR3, Ascender, Frontier Software, Xero, and more.