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State of Australian Compliance Report Q1 and Q2 2023

The Latest in Australian Workplace Compliance 

The State of Australian Compliance Report Q1 and Q2 2023 provides an expert guide to critical updates on relevant employment and workplace legislative changes and major case law developments in Australia. This insightful resource is crafted for HR professionals and business owners to help them ensure compliance readiness and promote a fair work environment. 

By staying informed about recent updates to protected leave, fair work legislation, record keeping, employee dismissal and other employee protections, Australian organisations can avoid incurring costly fines and penalties that result from inaction or imprecise compliance directives.

State of Australian Compliance Report Q1 and Q2 2023

Stay ahead in compliance. Download the ‘State of Australian Compliance Report Q1 and Q2 2023’ today. Ensure a fair, safe, and more effective workplace for your employees.

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Our report delves into several pertinent topics, including: 

  • Paid Family & Domestic Violence Leave: Learn about the latest Fair Work Act 2009 amendment, providing ten days of paid leave to counter family and domestic violence. 
  • Secure Jobs, Better Pay: Explore how the Fair Work Legislation Amendment Act 2022 is poised to reshape the Australian workforce and what it means for your business. 
  • Respect @ Work: Understand how the Anti-Discrimination and Human Rights Legislation Amendment Act 2022 enforces employers’ duty to eliminate workplace sexual harassment. 
  • Importance of Accurate Records: Understand the significance of maintaining precise records through a case study involving a fine on a director for reverse-engineering pay records. 
  • Considerations in Affecting a Dismissal: Uncover factors taken into account when affecting a dismissal, illustrated through a case of a reinstated trackworker dismissed for breaching an alcohol policy. 
  • Wage Theft Prosecution: Grasp the potential legal implications for underpayments with an ongoing case marking Australia’s first criminal charges for wage theft. 

WorkForce Software prepared this report in association with HR Assured, part of the FCB Group with over 30 years of workplace compliance expertise, and authored by Amanda Curatore. Amanda is a highly experienced Solicitor and Senior Associate at FCB Workplace Law. Her expertise includes Employment Contracts, Modern Award Interpretation, Performance Management, Bullying and Harassment, and more. 

Stay informed and navigate through evolving compliance landscapes with confidence. This report is your key to a safer, fairer workplace in Australia. Download the State of Australian Compliance Report Q1 and Q2 2023. 

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