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The Power of Data in Bridging the Gap Between Employee Experience & Business Strategy

Joe Green | Vice President of Sales, GroupeX Solutions

For over two decades, Joe Green, Vice President of Sales at GroupeX Solutions, has been a critical part of workforce transformation implementations to help organisations operate efficiently in the modern world. 

Joe believes in seeking the best-in-class technology partners to build the right solution to meet complex and detailed business challenges, including employee productivity optimisation, labour compliance and forecasting to achieve the desired success outcomes. 

With data seen as a valuable business commodity, Joe believes that making this information available to all employees in real time will allow them to better understand how their performance impacts business success and ultimately improves the overall employee experience. Hear Joe’s storey as a Modern Workforce Leader on how data can bridge the gap between employee experience and future business success.  

The Workforce Experience Gap

Improving Employee Experience Begins with Understanding Their Point of View

Employee Experience

Communication, Connections, and Access—All in the Palm of Your Hand