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The Future of Work: How the Pandemic is Rewiring a New World

Rohan Geddes from PwC shares insights on how the pandemic is changing how we work and what organisations need to consider in this new operating environment.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic saw organisations in the region undertake a ‘work from home’ experiment. Workers have learned to collaborate and work virtually whilst juggling their professional and personal obligations. How we work has fundamentally changed, and with that comes the chance to innovate, iterate and define a new path. 

COVID-19 has rapidly accelerated the need for digital transformation, created immediate and large-scale workforce challenges and changed the way we view work. In this presentation recorded at our VISION Roadshow Virtual Customer Event, Rohan Geddes, the National Leader of Payroll Consulting Practice at PwC, shared data-backed insights on how the pandemic is changing how we work and actional insights for organisations to consider in this new operating environment.  

Duration: 26 minutes 

Featured Speaker:


Rohan Geddes

Rohan Geddes

National Leader of Payroll Consulting Practice | PwC

Rohan has over 30 years of experience in payroll consulting, personal tax and employment tax matters, specialising in FBT, payroll tax, superannuation, employment termination and redundancy arrangements and PAYG. He is the National Leader of PwC’s Payroll Consulting Practice and Employment Services Practice. Following a vision of raising the profile and potential of payroll, Rohan supports Australian and international employers, helping improve the effectiveness of their payroll functions and supporting the management of their tax and regulatory affairs with authorities, including Fair Work, the Australian Tax Office and State Revenue Offices. 

In addition, he has worked in Australia and the United States providing personal tax and international tax assistance to high net wealth individuals and international assignees. 

Rohan has worked on a variety of not-for-profit boards and committees in the fields of arts, sport, economics and health and is currently a director on the board of HeartKids Australia, a particularly rewarding venture, as Rohan is a heartkid (child born with a congenital heart disease) himself. 

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