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IDC Technology Spotlight: The Imperative and Value of Intelligent Workforce Management

Enterprises are seeking to use workforce management platforms to optimise their teams to achieve their business objectives. This different approach, influenced by the pandemic’s effects on business, aims to give workers a better channel of communication with management, team members and other colleagues throughout their business. It also removes many traditional obstacles that would complicate gathering feedback, asking for help and building relationships. The product of these new methods allows for greater collaboration, personalised approaches to rostering and employees having their voices heard.

IDC Custom Solutions digs into this topic with the release of their technology spotlight, The Imperative and Value of Intelligent Workforce Management. Here they explore the latest trends and data related to the involvement of workforce management technologies used by organisations with the aim of fostering a more positive employee experience (EX).

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This report discusses the trends occurring using business technology solutions for workforce management, and key benefits arising from their use.

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This technology spotlight focuses on the following:

  • The effect that a positive employee experience has on worker engagement, and the benefits that follow from a more involved workforce.
  • The future of technology in the workplace, and how it will be implemented in onboarding, training, occupational tools and dealing directly with customers.
  • Statistics showing the continued trend emphasising the importance of employee experience technologies.
  • How the automation of processes and integration of workflows enable employees and managers alike to focus on higher value tasks, allowing for greater process efficiency and productivity.

“Optimisation calls for putting the right people in the right place at the right time, all while giving workers their own visibility and flexibility.”


The value and rising need of comprehensive workforce management tools are becoming more and more evident. Study after study shows how these platforms are allowing workers to better perform in their roles, creating more long-term job satisfaction and providing better rates of retainment for high value associates. Most importantly, all these benefits have been shown to have a positive effect on customer satisfaction and businesses’ bottom lines.

Read the IDC Technology Spotlight, The Imperative and Value of Intelligent Workforce Management, for a more detailed analysis and assessment, and learn how these workforce management solutions are strengthening organisations’ workforces for future success.

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