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Employee Productivity and Labour Tracking

Productivity Comes in Many Forms…Are You Addressing All of Them?

The WorkForce Suite helps organisations minimise administrative tasks, optimise staffing, and provide the right granularity of data to enable smarter decision making.

Better Measure and Incentivise Productivity

Productivity is a key indicator of a healthy business; tracking tools keep you prepared for important changes.

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Customer Success Story

Ritchies Supermarkets achieved greater operational efficiency among other benefits.

Clear the Noise and Focus on What Matters Most

Are your employees feeling overwhelmed with labour intensive manual processes or difficult to maintain spreadsheets? Are they flooded with notifications and requests for non-urgent tasks that become a distraction? Let us help you make work easy with:

  • Automation of all your gross hour and pay calculations in real-time
  • AI-enabled assistants to prioritise and highlight tasks that need immediate action or perform auto-approvals when predefined criteria are met
  • Proactive notifications provide alerts for critical information like someone not showing up for their shift
Employee Hub Shift Offer Notification

Right People, Right Time, Right Place—Even When It’s Urgent

To maximise productivity, you need to have the right staffing mix to fulfill customer demand. The WorkForce Suite makes the most of your labour force for better business outcomes with:

  • Forecasted demand based on your key business drivers down to 15-minute increments
  • Optimise rosters to align with key performance indicators
  • Callout capabilities for unplanned shifts or no shows to automatically identify, contact, and fill shifts with qualified, fit for duty, and available workers with the click of a button

Deep Labour Tracking That is Unique to You

Knowing where your employees worked and what they worked on provides actionable insights into employee productivity, potential cost savings, and emerging trends. The WorkForce Suite provides options to support:

  • Unlimited labour distribution fields to meet your organisation’s unique requirements
  • Automatic default allocation of time and costs to ease the data capture burden
  • Accurate data capture with validation, filters, and sorting of entries
Manager Timesheet Labour Distribution
Manager Timesheet Productivity Results

Measure and Incentivise Productivity

When you wish to recognise and reward employees for meeting or exceeding milestones, goals, and productivity levels, the WorkForce Suite enables you to:

  • Capture or import productivity metrics for individuals or groups like units produced or processed, sales achieved, tips earned, customers served, and more
  • Calculate incentives payments including escalators for tiered plans
  • Pay incentives to individuals or disburse across groups based on percentages, weighted averages and more

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