WFS Australia Company Introduction

Effective Rostering and WorkForce Management Software

Revolutionise the way you roster, track work hours and activities, and manage employee leave across your organisation by partnering with the experts. At WFS: A WorkForce Software Company (WFS Australia), we are 100% focused on helping businesses run smoother, improve productivity, and reduce costs through more effective labour practices—and that experience counts.

We also have comprehensive workforce management suites optimised for the unique needs of growing businesses and large multinationals:

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Large Employers

EmpCenter is a robust and scalable suite specially designed to meet the demands of large and multinational organisations. Immensely flexible, EmpCenter can help your business achieve total automation of your time, rostering, and related labour policies in a single global platform.

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Small and Midsized Employers

EmpLive has a broad and rich feature set optimised for small to midsized employers. Packed with all the functionality you need and expect, EmpLive is built to help you get up and running in no time—so you can start reaping the benefits of workforce management automation more quickly.

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What our clients say…

WFS Australia’s ease of use and simplicity has been significant in helping us manage our people, costs and compliance.
Employment Innovations Ben Thompson, CEO
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