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“Future Proofing” Your Business with Intelligent Workforce Management

Jan 25, 2023

“Fatigue Is Not a Virtue”: How to Fight Deskless Worker Burnout

While automation can be extremely beneficial to businesses, it is not a catch-all cure that magically fixes whatever problems they may be facing. In fact, it is a long-held belief that introducing automation to a faulty business process will result only in proliferating the faulty process throughout the organisation. If the processes are too convoluted, insufficient, or unnecessary, there is no real value earned by merely exchanging the labour from people to machines.

Research and analyst firm Brandon Hall Group (BHG) has released a new report, Workforce Management – A Constant Need in a Constantly Changing World. They state that organisations should strive for intelligent workforce automation, and that the value and ROI it provides only works if it removes mundane, repetitive tasks from your employees’ responsibilities and enables them to focus on more impactful business processes. By clearing employees’ plates of these banal, menial (but necessary) tasks, they can concentrate on “bigger picture” projects that move your company forward and stay ahead of the curve.

The difference between everyday workforce automation and intelligent workforce automation isn’t about merely hitting a goal, but in achieving and maintaining the potential of your business. Intelligent workforce automation:

  • Doesn’t just streamline budgets – it maximises budgetary spend
  • Doesn’t just lower payroll costs – it offers insights into optimizing payroll costs
  • Doesn’t just optimize for today – it adapts to continue improving in the future

How can you tell if you have “just” a workforce management solution or an intelligent one? Those that are intelligent turn data-driven insights into people-related decisions.

The true value of intelligent workforce management is to give employees better, faster and more access to the tools they need to support their roles and to help you understand and anticipate employee needs and wants. By tackling all the inefficiencies holding back your people and processes, organizations can remain in a better position to thrive, adapt and continue to thrive in the future.

You’ll know it’s intelligent workforce management when you see the result: a workforce optimization system that allows you to react at the speed of change of the outside world. The WorkForce Suite from WorkForce Software can be used to create more human connections, combat conscious and unconscious bias and generate more engagement in the workforce.

To learn more about the best processes for implementing automation, please check out the BHG Report: Workforce Management – A Constant Need in a Constantly Changing World

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