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Get a Live Demo: EmpLive for Small and Medium Businesses

EmpLive cloud-based workforce management software suite
EmpLive is a best-in-breed rostering software that enables organisations to make better rostering decisions by providing richer roster data. Our solution helps you:

  • Create rosters with ease: With EmpLive’s simple design, you can create a roster that meets your precise requirements (including budgets, role coverage, and projects) with a mere click of the mouse.
  • Optimise your rosters: Emplive automatically matches the right staff to your roster based on a full range of criteria, such as their skills, availability, and pay.
  • Improve visibility: Send rosters to your employees via SMS or Employee Self-Service using EmpLive’s rostering software. Your staff can also securely access their rosters online.
  • Keep track of your rostering budget: Powerful features allow you to compare the actual hours your staff worked against the times they were rostered for—all in real time.
  • Simplify compliance: EmpLive automatically enforces company policies and government regulations that may apply—so you can focus on elevating business performance.

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