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BHG Report: Workforce Management – A Constant Need in a Constantly Changing World

Big transitions don’t change the basics of managing your workforce.

What does “normal” look like in troubled times? Lately, it’s hard to imagine the modern workplace without some type of turbulence causing change. Yesterday’s answers are no longer applicable to the challenges of today. But though the times are a changin’, that doesn’t mean that the core concepts of workforce management aren’t standing strong.

Research and analyst firm Brandon Hall Group (BHG) has released a new report, Workforce Management – A Constant Need in a Constantly Changing World. In it, BHG makes the case that modern workforce management solutions can provide stability and agility by allowing organisations to make rapid changes and corrections no matter what the circumstances may be. The report also demonstrates how automated workforce management creates better outcomes for both organisations and people.

Workforce Management: A Constant Need in a Constantly Changing World

Workforce management is always a potential game changer if you have the right tools

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Here are some key insights you can find in the full report:

  • Workforce management solutions enable companies to become more agile and make necessary changes quickly without complicating workflows
  • 61% of businesses are using outdated, legacy, or entirely manual workforce management processes, despite the massive savings, increase in employee satisfaction and reduction of turnover rates found with digital solutions
  • By optimising the labour force and maximising abilities under tight budgets, businesses can remain competitive

As the world becomes more digital, the workplace must catch up and reap the benefits and conveniences that come with modern technology. By giving workers new methods of communication, rostering, clocking in and task management, ineffective and error-prone work processes can become a thing of the past. Modern workforce management empowers organisations by allowing them optimised use of their greatest asset – their people.

Read the full BHG report, Workforce Management: A Constant Need in a Constantly Changing World and learn about the benefits and possibilities of unlocking the power of your people.

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