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Leslie Tarnacki, CHRO at WorkForce Software, talked with Business Insider about the transformative impact of remote work on today’s workplaces. Tarnacki notes that remote work offers employees increased flexibility, reduced commuting stress and an enhanced work-life balance.  

The article highlights the shift in how work is perceived, moving away from the traditional office model to reimagining work as something done rather than somewhere to go. Tarnacki provides tips for hiring and managing out-of-state remote workers, emphasising the importance of having an effective hiring strategy, including a clearly outlined job description and communicating expectations early on. She also stresses the significance of managing out-of-state employees with empathy and awareness, encouraging regular check-ins without micromanaging, offering support for creating comfortable home offices and prioritising a healthy work-life balance. 

“HR leaders must proactively engage with remote employees, regularly assessing their contribution levels and overall well-being,” says Tarnacki. “By doing so, adjustments can be made to enhance employee morale and address any challenges that may hinder productivity. Companies must prioritise fostering trust and motivating employees with empathy, recognising that a balanced approach to meeting both the company’s needs and the well-being of its workers is paramount for long-term success.”