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Leslie Tarnacki, Chief Human Resources Officer at WorkForce Software, talks with SHRM about ways that companies should adapt their employee recognition programs to meet the needs of today’s more virtual workplaces. Tarnacki notes how in pre-pandemic times employee recognition was part of in-office meetings in person with the entire company, whereas now it’s about leveraging tools and technology to gather everyone together virtually.  

She shares her thoughts on how companies can add a personal touch to today’s virtual workplaces and their employees’ experience by allowing employees to choose their own awards through a website. She also shares how WorkForce Software gathers feedback from its employees on the company’s recognition program to ensure it is valuable for them. 

“Pre-pandemic, employee recognition was often part of in-office all-hands meetings where companies acknowledged employees in front of their peers with tangible rewards such as plaques, gift cards or other recognition gifts, Tarnacki says. “Now, it’s about leveraging technology and the tools available to gather everyone together while adding personal touches and sharing firsthand examples of success,” she says.