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Amazon is the latest global employer to start encouraging its workforce to return to the office and abandon its previous work from home policies. Leslie Tarnacki, CHRO at WorkForce Software, shares why offering flexibility is the key to retaining valuable employees and winning the war on talent.  

In a conversation with Personnel Today, Tarnacki explores the importance of providing employees flexibility and autonomy over their work rosters to better balance their lives and remain engaged and contributing at work. She reminds readers about the deskless workforce and how it’s imperative for them to also have more flexibility, like their in-office coworkers – and this is made possible for companies that utilise modern workforce management technology.  

“If businesses wish to retain staff, improving flexibility is vital. While flexible working is enjoyed by most office-based workers, those who work in shift-based roles often miss out on this benefit due to the complexities of their job. This level of flexibility for frontline staff, as well as those in HQ, will be a competitive differentiator in today’s war for talent,” Tarnacki said.