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Nicole Neumarker, Chief Technology Officer at WorkForce Software shares her insights for women to break into technology roles and reminds us of the importance of networking and relationship-building in the industry. 

Verdict readers learn about Neumarker’s career path, the importance of STEM in early education, and the many different avenues that exist for women in tech companies.  

She points out that, even in this economic downturn, we are in the era of efficiency and there are many opportunities to upskill and access further training. She urges people to look beyond the big brand tech companies like Google and Microsoft and reminds us that networking and building relationships are important and that many successful tech companies were born out of the last economic downturn, after the 2008 global financial crisis.  

“There’s a lot of seed funding out there for companies that are women-focused,” says Neumarker, who adds that “the time is right for seeking out and building those relationships because there are always opportunities in times of economic stress. And this might just mean the time is right for women in the tech industry to start to gain better representation within the tech industry.”