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New workforce experience research shows that discrepancies between employers’ and employees’ workplace experience ratings are closing, but employers need to turn awareness into action. More than 3,000 employees and employers from across the globe and in a variety of industries were interviewed to get their input.

A closer alignment in employer-employee views was found in areas such as job training, pay rates, schedule flexibility, and employee recognition. The key finding in this year’s report is that most of the reduction in perception gaps was due to employers reducing their scores, indicating a recognition that they were fulfilling employee expectations.

The dramatic changes in work following the pandemic and the current labor market have had a major impact on the importance of employee experience, forcing company leaders to shift their HR strategies to address new requirements from employees. Some of these business pivots have created a disconnect among employers and their staff. This disconnect is especially true for deskless/shift workers who make up 80% of the global workforce and play an essential role in nearly every industry. Company initiatives continually overlook these workers, despite their significance, and underscores the importance of keeping a pulse on essential workers in order to implement modern, meaningful ways to bolster both employee experience and operational excellence.

“As the workplace continues to evolve, it’s imperative that employees and employers grow closer in meeting expectations when it comes to the workplace experience,” said Mike Morini, CEO of WorkForce Software. “Understanding your employees’ needs and addressing them in a way that supports business requirements will result in a more productive and motivated workforce and will help retain and recruit top talent across all levels and job roles. Organizations that continue to work towards closing the experience gap will benefit immensely. A company’s greatest asset is the employees, so ensuring you are on the same page as they are and working towards a common goal is extremely important in today’s competitive market.”