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Contrary to historical misconceptions, the role of HR is not to simply enforce company guidelines and processes, monitor employee performance levels and behaviors or hire and let people go. 

In fact, most HR professionals who enter this field have demonstrated their sincere passion to focus their time on engaging and giving employees a voice while also leading important initiatives that elevate company culture and improve work-life balance.   

When utilized to its fullest potential, HR is a viable ally for employers and employees alike. Forbes tapped Leslie Tarnacki, SVP of HR at WorkForce Software, to debunk stereotypes about human resources and provide further insight into the department’s function overall. 

Tarnacki says that although many believe HR’s main priorities are to enforce policies and processes, HR is not a roadblock. Instead, its function should be to remove obstacles and barriers for employees and leadership.  

“We are your partner to help you get things done and we function to care for a company’s greatest asset: its employees,” she said. “HR is a vital partner, and this is especially true during these times of redefining the workplace.”