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A mass exodus of deskless employees has forced employers to focus on and understand the needs of their workforce. To understand where employers are failing deskless employees, WorkForce Software shared its recent EX Gap Study results with Spiceworks.

A key finding from the study was that a significant gap exists between the perspectives of managers and shift workers on how organizations work, engage, retain, and attract talent. While organizations in this year’s survey are more aware of employee needs, they lag in taking action.

Solutions like dynamic scheduling on mobile devices for the increasing digitally native workforce, and instantly communicating and getting feedback from employees, are vital to attracting top talent and retaining them.

Spiceworks points to WorkForce Software’s EX study noting that companies cannot communicate an employee’s value solely through recognition. Employees want their voices to be heard, especially when making key decisions. About 74% of employees said they would work for a company that regularly asked for feedback than those that didn’t. About 74% of employees also said regularly asking for feedback is important, while 61% of employers agreed.