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Dash Network sat down with Sandra Moran, CMO at WorkForce Software, to discuss where the deskless worker industries are in terms of delivering the best employee experience (EX) possible to their workforce and share current trends and challenges in the EX space. 

Moran also outlined her tips for businesses to overcome the barriers to a successful technology implementation along with the importance of data and technology in today’s workplaces, specifically those with deskless workers. 

“WorkForce Software has found that there are a few actions that can really set a company up for a successful technology implementation,” she says. “The technology must be delivered to employees though a device they have all the time and it must be easily accessed via an application they are using daily.” 

She adds that there should be minimal training required and it should feel like a consumer-grade technology. Employees must see the benefit from it quickly and understand why it’s being offered – so there must be an effective communication strategy.  

Moran concludes, “All employees – in office, at a desk or on the front line – want to feel valued. You need to give them an outlet and mechanism to provide feedback about the work you are asking them to do.”