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Labour shortages, changing employee demographics, inflation, supply chain risks and the pace of regulatory change have put increased pressure on organisations in recent years – causing workforce management systems to collect dust under the list of organisational priorities.   

Mike Morini, CEO at WorkForce Software, explains how often, it’s not that organisations don’t want to modernise their workforce technology, but feel locked in to their current system due to the anticipated time and cost involved in replacing it.  

Morini sheds light on the deskless workforce and the importance their experience has on businesses. He gives advice to readers to improve the experience of these essential workers and how to turn their people into their greatest competitive advantage. He points to the positive impact that cutting edge workforce management technologies can offer for deskless workers —specifically improved communications through modern workforce technology, compliance while balancing employee flexibility with complex business compliance and costs and even meeting multi-generation expectations in our diverse workplaces. 

“Researching different options, considering how they might integrate into your operations and comparing a product’s initial costs versus the value it can bring will help you to choose the ideal solution,” Morini says. “Business leaders should prioritise a solution that will not only improve operational performance now, but also one that can scale to support growth in the future. As the war for talent rages on, the winners will be those that use cutting edge digital solutions to attract, engage and retain their workers.”