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Business Reporter published an article written by Sandra Moran, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at WorkForce Software, titled, “Tackling Seasonal Staff Burnout” which addresses the unique challenges faced by the retail industry in managing seasonal staff burnout and their employees’ experience— especially during busy holiday periods.  

Moran points out that the traditional approach of hiring temporary seasonal workers often leads to inefficiency, inconsistency and increased costs and the prevalence of burnout among retail workers, exacerbated during the holiday rush, results in higher turnover and recruitment costs for businesses. She proposes a compelling solution for more flexible working and emphasises the importance of data-driven insights for effective labour trends and the benefits of digital mobile rostering tools in improving work-life balance and reducing burnout.  

Moran underlines the significance of modern workforce management technology in fostering open communication, protecting employee health and well-being and strategically leveraging flexibility for long-term success in the retail industry. 

“Overall, with the right flexible work model and optimised rostering technology, retailers can conquer the peaks in customer demand cycles. Existing employees stay more engaged across the full year and customers enjoy improved service from happy, well-informed workers, not stopgap seasonal hires. When leveraged strategically, flexibility is the future of retail,” says Moran.