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As a representation of the customer journey, the sales funnel is well past its sell-by date. Potential replacements include the messy middle, the bow tie and the flywheel. At first glance, the funnel seems logical enough. It tracks consumers along a route summarised by the acronym Aida (awareness, interest, desire and action). At each of these points, a proportion of potential buyers will walk away – hence the narrowing shape that gives it its name.

WorkForce Software’s Chief Marketing Office, Sandra Moran, talks with Raconteur about the importance of including current customers in a SaaS marketing model called the bowtie. Sandra discusses what that means and how using data to track buying signals enables marketers to work closely with sales to keep accounts on track.

Sandra Moran, CMO at WorkForce Software, explains, “As more individuals join ongoing sales cycles, we’re able to identify newly engaged contacts. We can learn with each successful sales cycle which buying signals are indicative of deals that close, providing sales teams with recommended actions to keep those accounts on track.”