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3Sixty Insights Podcast:

Spotlighting the Third Annual Employee Experience Study

As organisations continue to face challenges attracting and retaining talent, employees have gained greater leverage in the current labour market. This is driven by continued labour shortages in specific industries, recent trade union strikes and settlements and growing discontentment with work practices, inability to maintain work-life balance and rigid adherence to traditional work rosters.  

Join Chief Marketing and Employee Experience Officer of WorkForce Software, Sandra Moran, and 3Sixty Insights’ Distinguished Advisor, Steve Goldberg, as they discuss findings from the Third Annual Global Employee Experience Study. Their discussion focuses on the implications of the study as well as how these topics intersect with rising talent challenges and the growing need for organisations to effectively engage their workforces. 

“On the issues that were the most important, like ‘Do you actually have flexible scheduling that enables me to achieve greater work-life balance, the significance to employees grew dramatically. Employers are realising that they are not meeting the need, and employees are continuing to pile on how important this is to them, both when they are selecting a new employer and when they are deciding if they will stay with an employer.” 

Sandra Moran | Chief Marketing and Employee Experience Officer of WorkForce Software

This 3Sixty Insights podcast further highlights:  

  • The growing demand for employers to consider the total well-being of their employees and how this discussion changes for deskless shift-based workers.  
  • Enabling meaningful experiences for dispersed employees through technology and continuous feedback loops. 
  • The significance of rostering flexibility for deskless workers and its role as a differentiator for leading employers. 

The discussion also emphasizes the importance of modern workforce management solutions that offer integrated operational communications to help businesses keep up with the needs of a new generation of workers whilst boosting overall performance. Sandra makes it clear that employers who change now and invest in technology that supports better employee experience can make this a market differentiator, whilst those who don’t will find that they will soon be forced to make these changes.  

Listen to the Full Podcast:

Third Annual Employee Experience Study

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