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A Positive Employee Experience Makes All the Difference: Watch WorkForce SVP Marc Gingras Appearance on GDS HR Insights Summit (Video)

Watch the GDS HR Insights Summit Video: Learn how employers can utilise technology to meet employee needs, engage their deskless workers, and ensure that all employees have a positive experience.

While the pandemic may have caused issues for businesses worldwide, many pre-existing issues were exposed and exacerbated. Companies are having a harder time attracting and retaining talent, as the “Great Resignation” has seen workers leaving in droves for different opportunities. Unsatisfied workers are refusing to “stick it out” any longer for a workplace where they feel disconnected and unappreciated.
What is causing so much dissatisfaction and how can it be addressed?
It may be time your company considers revamping your employee experience strategy.
Marc Gingras, SVP, Employee Experience Strategy with WorkForce Software and Alexis Madsen, Visual Merchandising Lead with The Tile Shop recently spoke during the HR Insights Summit about how our Employee Experience tool ensures that all employees feel connected and equipped to optimise everyday activities that support productivity and business growth. 

How HR can revolutionise every employee’s experience with a simple first step

As the talent shortage grows HR teams must focus on improving workplace experiences for every employee to attract and retain talent. This is critical for deskless workers who have higher expectations of their employer than ever before and lower barriers to job change.
Watch the Full GDS HR Insights Summit Video to Learn More


Featured Speakers:
Marc Gingras

Marc Gingras

SVP, Employee Experience Strategy | WorkForce Software

Marc has been on the forefront of innovations in the way companies connect with and communicate with their employees for over a decade, with roles at Foko Retail, Tungle, and Blackberry. In his current role at WorkForce Software, Marc leads a team passionate about creating the best employee experience and engagement technology so teams can connect, collaborate, communicate and access the information they need – creating moments that matter at work. He’s based in Gatineau, Quebec.
Alexis Madsen

Alexis Madsen

Visual Merchandising Lead | The Tile Shop

Alexis has been with the Tile Shop for 8 years and is responsible for the visual merchandising compliance for all stores. The Tile Shop is a retail tile company with over 140 stores.