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Driving Business Innovation Through

Enhanced Labour Distribution and Cost Allocation 

Effective labour distribution and cost allocation aren’t just operational needs—they’re strategic advantages. This webinar, hosted in collabouration with our partner GroupeX Solutions, focuses on how modern workforce technology drives innovation within an organisation by reducing labour costs, enhancing decision-making and achieving fair and accurate time capture. 

What You Will Learn: 

  • Reduce labour costs significantly by enabling dynamic allocation strategies that adjust to operational demands and regional cost differences, for more efficient use of resources 
  • Enhance decision-making through customisable timesheet attributes that provide deep operational insights, improving project delivery times and resource allocation 
  • Achieve fair and accurate overtime chargeback with automated rules for equitable cost distribution across departments and budget dispute reduction  

Watch this dynamic webinar where WorkForce Software’s Bryan Thumme, Solution Consultant, alongside GroupeX Solutions’ Nichole Azcueta, Sr. Functional Consultant and Amy Chan, Sr. Functional Consultant, demonstrate how joint customers leverage the Business Rules Engine in conjunction with robust Allocation Structures in WorkForce Software to drive business innovation. 

This webinar is perfect for decision-makers seeking to refine their approach to labour distribution and cost allocation. Whether you’re already a WorkForce Software customer or considering its implementation, gain valuable insights into harnessing this technology for business advantage.

Featured Speakers:
Bryan Thumme

Bryan Thumme

Solution Consultant | WorkForce Software

Bryan Thumme boasts a six-year tenure in the workforce management field at WorkForce Software, where he has been involved in both implementation projects and presales endeavours. He finds fulfillment in engaging with both existing and potential customers, striving to understand and resolve their intricate workforce management needs, particularly in the realms of time, rostering and leave management. Bryan earned his B.S. in chemical engineering and an M.S. in engineering management, proudly representing Western Michigan University as a Bronco alum.

Nichole Azcueta

Nichole Azcueta

Senior Functional Consultant | GroupeX Solutions

Nichole Azcueta has a background in Payroll specialising in global Time & Attendance projects.  She has been an integral part of successful implementations in various industries, including energy and manufacturing. Her experience in payroll gives her a unique perspective resulting in innovative solutions that integrate the time management and payroll process.

Amy Chan

Amy Chan

Senior Functional Consultant | GroupeX Solutions

Amy Chan specializes in Time & Attendance, Payroll, Leave Management, and HR Solutions. She has successfully led and supported several WorkForce Software implementations and AMS projects in the energy & utilities, automotive, and manufacturing industries. Her expertise in HR and Time Management enables her to provide innovative solutions integrating WorkForce Software with Payroll, HR, and Finance solutions.

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