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Mastering Rostering: Optimising Workforce Schedules for Shift-Based Workers

Episode 1

Welcome to the inaugural EmpLive Masterclass Series by WorkForce Software, dedicated to elevating your approach to modern workforce management.  

Join us for our premiere session as we take a closer look at best practices for mastering rosters tailored to employee needs while meeting regulatory standards.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to optimise your rostering environment, fostering workplace efficiency and employee satisfaction. Discover the tools and techniques to master streamlined rosters, maximise your experience utilising EmpLive, and ensure proper compliance.  

Join our distinguished speakers, Elizabeth Mullen, Associate Director for Services, WorkForce Software, and Tejas Rajender, Account Relationship Manager, WorkForce Software, as they discuss:  

  • Building and Managing Efficient Rosters 
  • Handling Roster Shift Changes 
  • Leveraging EmpLive for Shift Allocations  
  • Budgeting Management for Rosters 
  • Navigating Roster Filters and Reporting 
Featured Speakers:
Elizabeth Mullen

Elizabeth Mullen

Associate Director for Services | WorkForce Software

With over 25 years of payroll and workforce management software experience, Elizabeth Mullen is currently serving as Associate Director for Services at WorkForce Software. In her role she oversees the implementation of EmpLive, ensuring seamless integrations and optimising overall workforce management for clients. Elizabeth also actively contributes to the customer’s journey leveraging her extensive expertise to assist clients understand the ROI and value in embarking on a HR digital transformation.

Tejas Rajender

Tejas Rajender

Account Relationship Manager | WorkForce Software

With a career spanning over 15 years in the IT industry, Tejas has excelled in various capacities, from Support to Training, Solution Consulting, and most recently, Account Management. A dedicated member of the WorkForce Software team for over seven years, Tejas currently serves as an Account Manager, overseeing key accounts in the APJ region. Holding an MS in IT Management from SUNY Buffalo and an MBA, Tejas brings a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic insight to drive client success and contribute to the growth and acceleration of clients’ digital transformation.

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