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Payroll Precision: Achieving Rules Testing Success

Episode 2

The EmpLive Masterclass Series continues with our Payroll Precision: Achieving Rules Testing Success session. Our special guest, Payroll Experts joins this EmpLive Masterclass session as we discovered the crucial aspects of maintaining accuracy and compliance while navigating the intricacies of payroll management.  

Don’t miss the opportunity to fine-tune your payroll operations, ensuring compliance and a seamless workflow with EmpLive. Take away actionable insights to create an error-free and compliant payroll environment.   

Join our distinguished speakers, Elizabeth Mullen, Associate Director for Services, WorkForce Software, and Chris Parker, Consultant, Payroll Experts, as they discuss:   

  • Essentials of Pay Rule Testing: Understanding the foundational principles 
  • Building a Robust Testing Environment: Step-by-step process for creating an effective testing setup 
  • Adapting to Pay Rule Changes: Strategies for seamless implementation 
  • Optimising Your Testing Framework: Enhancing the efficiency of your current testing environment 
Featured Speakers:
Elizabeth Mullen

Elizabeth Mullen

Associate Director for Services | WorkForce Software

With over 25 years of payroll and workforce management software experience, Elizabeth Mullen is currently serving as Associate Director for Services at WorkForce Software. In her role she oversees the implementation of EmpLive, ensuring seamless integrations and optimising overall workforce management for clients. Elizabeth also actively contributes to the customer’s journey leveraging her extensive expertise to assist clients understand the ROI and value in embarking on a HR digital transformation.

Chris Parker

Chris Parker

Consultant | Payroll Experts

With over a decade of experience, Chris is a results-driven Project Manager and Consultant adept at navigating diverse projects and industries. Specialising in payroll, time, and attendance, he ensures compliance across the employee lifecycle. Chris brings a collaborative, structured, and agile approach, consistently delivering valuable and innovative client outcomes. 

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