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Has the Era of the Empowered Workforce Finally Arrived?

The analysts at RSR Research recently released the benchmark report, Has the Era of the Empowered Workforce Finally Arrived? in which experts observed a change in how retail organisations view their workforce. The report provides valuable insights into how Retail Winners are leading by considering the important role their associates play in their growth and the effective ways they enable them.

A majority of the most successful stores outperforming their competition are completely revamping their management approach by allowing for more flexible rostering, increasing training and pay and investing in the digital tools they need to assist customers, which provides a fertile environment for long-term employment.

Has the Era of the Empowered Workforce Finally Arrived?

Research shows that associates enabled by workforce management technology make a real impact on their customers and company bottom lines.

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And these “Retail Winners” have a message for the rest of the retail industry: this should have been our policy all along.

The pandemic accelerated the challenge for retailers who hadn’t invested in enabling their associates. For those who were able to quickly pivot and reassess their hiring methods and employee policies, the benefits of empowered employees quickly became evident.

The question has thus shifted from “What will it take to build a better workforce?” to something far more meaningful. Now the real question is “Can retailers adapt their workforce management approach to a business paradigm that considers the needs of workers paramount?”

Retail Winners say:

Read the full report, Has the Era of the Empowered Workforce Finally Arrived?, and learn how to get involved in this exciting new future for the retail industry.

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