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Nucleus Insights from WorkForce Customers Research Note

Nucleus Research interviews with WorkForce Software customers validate why we’re ranked the #1 WFM enterprise vendor for 10 consecutive years. 

In a workforce management market filled with solution options, why do some of the largest global employers of deskless workers choose WorkForce Software as their trusted solution provider?

Nucleus Research sought to uncover the reasons behind this preference. Their findings highlight the critical capabilities needed by these organisations to handle pay and labour law complexities, integrate with existing HCM and payroll systems, meet employee user experience expectations and manage costs effectively.

Nucleus Insights from WorkForce Customers Research Note

See first-hand customer feedback on why they moved away from their existing vendor for the superior value WorkForce Software delivers to them.

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What Makes WorkForce Software Stand Out

Functionality and Integration

Handles local to global labour compliance complexities for union, non-union, salaried and non-exempt workers

Seamless integrations with HCM systems including SAP and Oracle

Ease of Use and Automation

Improved user experience

Mobile app for deskless workers

Automation helps employee focus on higher-level activities

Reduced Costs with Unified System

Move from fragmented to one workforce management system

Standardised processes

Reduced operational complexities and cost

This Manufacturer Made the Switch from Kronos to WorkForce Software


  • With 40,000 users across 275 sites and 300 business units—ranging from unionised to non-union, salaried and non-exempt—this manufacturer previously used a mix of Kronos, Workbrain and Infotronics systems.  
  • They required a more agile and scalable solution to quickly respond to pay policy and time management practices given its highly unionised environment with over 100 local requirements.  



  • They selected WorkForce due to its ability to effectively handle their complex requirements.  
  • The solution allows for rapid adaptability in policy changes and offers an advanced system of record for data, essential for maintaining accuracy across various locations and conditions.  
  • The Clock Attestation functionality was crucial to comply with internal policies so that all time data is accurately captured and reported. 
  • The solution’s end-to-end service model, along with strong consultative support, helped to minimise data siloes and improve cooperation across teams. 


Benefits to Switching 

  • Accurate pay and time-off 
  • Significantly improved worker user experience 
  • Technology consolidation to a unified system 
  • Standardised processes across business units 
  • Decreased compliance risk 

Looking Ahead: WorkForce Software Will Continue Leading the Way

According to Nucleus, the workforce management market will grow more competitive as companies focus on their complex requirements. With the need to consolidate technology, solution providers will need to offer scalable, highly configurable functionality that is easy for frontline workers to use. WorkForce’s ability to adapt and innovate based on detailed customer needs, combined with its user-friendly interface, will likely keep it ahead of the competition.