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Q2 2023 New Zealand HR Compliance Navigator Report

To ensure compliance within your organisation, it’s necessary to keep yourself informed of the frequently changing laws and regulations. By staying informed about recent updates to protected leave, record keeping, and working hours, you can avoid incurring costly fines and penalties that result from inaction or imprecise compliance directives. 

We are thrilled to share our latest New Zealand HR Compliance Navigator Report forQ2 2023, combining the most important updates from the first half of the year impacting businesses and employees. 

Recent legislation changes in New Zealand includes minimum working condition negotiations for employees, extending the time-period for sexual harassment reporting grievances, and 22 recommended changes to the Holidays Act expected to pass through Parliament quickly once the legislative bill has been prepared. 

Q2 2023 New Zealand HR Compliance Navigator Report

This report combines the most significant updates and key highlights in New Zealand HR Compliance from the first half of the year to prepare you for the year ahead.

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Key highlights on important employment and workplace legislative changes, along with major case law developments in New Zealand, summarised below: 

  • The Fair Pay Agreements Act: aims to force employers to engage in bargaining regarding the minimum working conditions for employees 
  • The Screen Industry Workers Act 2022:  allows contractors in the screen industry to engage in collective bargaining at the occupational and enterprise levels 
  • The Employment Relations Act 2000: Increased period for sexual harassment grievances/disputes 
  • Holidays Act Review 2021: 22 recommended changes from the Holidays Act Taskforce’s Final Report that are expected to quickly pass through Parliament as a bill 

Read the Q2 2023 New Zealand Compliance Report to ensure your business’ legal compliance and be sure to check back for future updates on changes to workforce related legislation, regulations and awards. 

Navigating New Zealand Compliance: Updates You Need to Know

Join us and navigate current workplace and employment changes impacting New Zealand.

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