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A company’s human resources team has a wide-ranging mandate. HR professionals oversee recruitment and hiring, monitor and manage the employee experience, help team members navigate the changing trends and practices of the workplace and much more. 

Until quite recently, much of the work of an organisation’s HR department has been manual and time-consuming. Now, however, technology tools and trends are emerging that can ease or even take over much of the data-driven work of human resources, leaving HR professionals with more time to handle the human interactions and support they excel at. Below, Mike Morini, CEO of WorkForce Software and other members of Forbes Technology Council discuss emerging ways technology is being leveraged and improved to support essential HR work and help an organisation better serve its employees. 

Addressing Trends That Affect Attrition 

“Organisations are leveraging data in real time to identify moments that shape an employee’s experience. Leaders can now address trends to prevent attrition and use operational data for business outcomes. They can analyse roster and fatigue data to improve safety, control costs, boost profitability and identify attrition drivers, minimising speculation. Companies are at the beginning of fully realising the possibility of people analytics,” says Morini.