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Employers aren’t providing their employees with the modern workforce management technology needed to do their jobs, according to a new survey by WorkForce Software.

The latest generations entering the workforce are digital natives, who are accustomed to “on demand” everything—even in their place of work. Yet only 50% of employees say they use online portals to track time and attendance, and 56% of employees say they use outdated time-tracking systems, including wall clocks, paper forms, and punch cards.

In addition to wasting time, energy, and money, outdated systems lead to lower employee engagement—which often results in high employee turnover.

So, Emissary has offered up some ideas to help employers close this technology gap and keep employees engaged.

One way to improve employee experience is by giving recognition and rewards through digital channels, where they already primarily communicate.

Streamlining processes for scheduling and filling out paperwork by going digital also allows employees to save time and get work done on the devices they already know how to use. And digitizing pay with direct deposit also empowers them financially, giving them access to their money and records in the palm of their hand.

Finally, it’s important to recognize that improving employee experience is not a short-term trend, but rather something that should be built to last and continue improving for generations to come.

People are the backbone of any successful organization, so ensuring that employees’ expectations are met is crucial to creating a sustainable, resilient workforce.

Read Emissary’s full list of ideas for improving employee experience at the link below.