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Business Chief highlights the third annual WorkForce Software 2023 Employee Experience Survey results that show a narrowing perception gap between employers and employees regarding key elements of workplace culture and their experience at work. The study, which gathered responses from over 1,600 employees and employers globally, reveals a 25-point increase in the recognition of flexible rostering as an essential aspect of employee experience over the past three years.   

However, significant challenges persist. The study underscores the importance of addressing these issues to retain talent and improve productivity. WorkForce Software’s CEO, Mike Morini, emphasises the availability of technology to improve the employee experience. 

“Keeping employees engaged to avoid losing valuable talent is of paramount importance right now,” Morini says. “The cost of doing nothing, including the negative impact on productivity, talent acquisition and retention, far outweighs the investment needed to adequately support, upskill and empower deskless employees.  

He continues, “The technology to provide greater flexibility for disparate workforces is readily available today, so taking action to remove the barriers to better employee experiences should begin immediately. There is really no reason why any employee can’t view their shift roster and make changes, contact their manager, or complete relevant training digitally in 2023.”