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Sandra Moran, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at WorkForce Software, speaks with Manufacturing Dive readers about the challenges that deskless workers face in accessing their mental health benefits. Moran points out that while these workers often receive mental health benefits, they encounter difficulties in utiliing them due to unpredictable work rosters.   

She highlights the importance of providing more predictable rosters and even more flexible roster like mini shifts for those deskless workers who may also be caregivers and need to have more roster flexibility to make appointments with therapy and doctors.  

Moran also notes that many frontline workers may not be aware of the mental health benefits offered by their employers, necessitating improved communication and education about available resources. She also points to data, noting that WorkForce Software found that only 55% of employees have weekly changes in their rosters.  

“Even though the employer offers a wellness benefit, a frontline worker’s ability to get in a predictable roster is a major barrier,” Moran said.