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Sandra Moran, CMO at WorkForce Software, outlines findings from the company’s recent Retail Systems Research (RSR) report, the impact of modern workforce management (M-WFM) technology, and how better communication can improve the retail workforce. 

WorkForce Software’s study with Retail Systems Research (RSR) revealed that retailers who are implementing M-WFM mobile technologies are seeing a boost in employee engagement, satisfaction, and performance at every level, as these technologies are allowing them to do their jobs better and more effectively. 

“Retailers see great value in mobile technologies allowing them to use smart team communications to encourage teamwork and provide just-in-time information to local and global staff members,” Moran says.  

Providing these workers with access to technology not only improves their job performance on a daily basis, but allows them to have real-time access to smart business communications, KPIs, sales trends and goals so they can have an immediate impact to the daily business. She shares some key findings from the report as well. 

“67% of retailers place a ‘high value’ on peer-peer messaging and collaboration, 61% tout mobile for employee micro trainings happening in the moment they are needed on the salesfloor and see the value in mobile ‘in context’ smart communications being sent through their mobile devices right to frontline retail workers,” Moran says.