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Executives tend to focus on employee productivity, often ranking it their number one priority. Areas like workplace culture and employee satisfaction land further down the list. In fact, 62% of the C-Suite prioritizes profitability over employee experience.  

However, this calculus may be short-sighted. Ensuring positive employee digital experiences is the new cornerstone of modern business IT management. Improving workforce experience helps attract and retain talent, accelerates business agility and competitiveness, reduces operational costs and drives organizational success and profitability.  

Currently, employees are less than thrilled with the technology their organization provides for them to work with, a notable bump on the way to remote and hybrid work.  

There is a divide between the workforce and management where only 13% of today’s workers would prefer to work exclusively from the office while 56% of C-level executives believe that employees can only be productive from the office. 

Last year, WorkForce Software revealed dramatically different perspectives between employers and workers on the quality of the employee experience during the pandemic. 

Across the board, WorkForce Software found significant gaps between what organizations believed they were providing and what employees experienced. That suggests employers have not been providing employees with the solutions needed to fully connect with the new world of work.