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The State of the Manufacturing Workforce in 2024 and Beyond

The manufacturing industry, a key driver of global progress, is evolving with Industry 4.0, pushing organisations towards digital tools to tackle challenges like economic shifts, skill gaps, and supply chain complexities. These changes demand innovative workforce management strategies for enhancing deskless worker engagement. Our survey, through interviews with industry leaders and a survey of 188 global experts, shows the importance of workforce management technology in boosting engagement and performance. 

The State of the Manufacturing Workforce in 2024 and Beyond report provides valuable insights on how manufacturing organisations are navigating changing workforce management needs. 72% of respondents are going to roll out new time management technology and 82% are going to invest in new rostering technology in the next 2-3 years. Organsations are looking to workforce management technology as the first step in their digital transformation journeys.  

The State of the Manufacturing Workforce in 2024 and Beyond

This report provides insights from expert interviews and a global survey to provide strategies for navigating manufacturing workforce challenges.

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Key takeaways from this report include:  

  • Strategies for meeting the needs of diverse workforce demographics and attracting a new generation of workers.  
  • The importance of better communication technology for workforce engagement. 
  • The need for rostering technology that can support worker flexibility. 
  • How to balance change management, training and talent retention.  

Our survey results show that HR and Operations leadership are prioritising workforce management technology as a foundation for their Industry 4.0 transformation strategies. This report offers insights to help address the workforce challenges facing the manufacturing sector, emphasising the role better employee experience can play in creating more productive and innovative working environments that help business meet their strategic operational goals.  

Discover how meeting the needs of your workforce can support digital transformation initiatives. Read the The State of the Manufacturing Workforce in 2024 report now.

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